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Okay, Arlen Specter was never one of those Republicans. He always looked like a politician who was accidentally mislabled at the factory. But his switching of parties sort of makes the argument that the the GOP is a big tent party lose even more of its credibility. Of course, every time a Republican opens his mouth these days it seems like he/she is channeling Glenn Beck. So, I suppose the only reason the Republicans would even need a big tent is if Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich needed to do a costume change at the same time.



  1. Specter only cares about getting elected. He would join the Green Party if he thought that would maintain his senatorial power. I just wrote about this on my blog too.

  2. I like men and women of “principle”. People who stick to their guns and present good intellectual and moral arguments for their positions. I don’t necessarly agree with their postions but I can respect their them for the consistancy of their positions. Specter is obviously a man of “principle”. The “principle”, in this case, being what do does he have to do to stay in power. I hope “principled” democrats will throw this one under the bus quickly.

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