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Obama extends the DC voucher program:

Mr. Obama had never embraced vouchers, so it bespeaks a pragmatic open-mindedness that he would put aside that philosophical opposition in deference to the interests of these children. As Education Secretary Arne Duncan told us earlier, it doesn’t make sense “to take kids out of a school where they’re happy and safe and satisfied and learning.” Maybe there was also some thought given to the political optics of booting hundreds of poor, black students from private schools back into troubled public schools.

It remains up to Congress to provide appropriations for the program. It was the Democrats who wrote what they hoped would be a death sentence for the program by cutting off any future funds unless the program was reauthorized. The National Education Association, a teachers union allied with the Democrats, has been on a mission to end the program as soon as possible, with no regard for the children whose lives would be affected. We hope Mr. Obama will fight for the compromise he has embraced.

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