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While Republicans are busy falling all over themselves trying to shrink their party down to the remaining six truly true-believing true believers. And while the former Vice President leaves his undisclosed location long enough to appear on every right wing news show on radio and TV, relentlessly hellbent on re-branding the party of Lincoln and tax cuts as the party of exceptional water boarding–Chris Buckley offers some sage advice:

One of the oldest rules in politics is: If your opponent is committing suicide, don’t interfere. So were I in charge of the Republican Party, I would send out a coded text message saying: REMAIN CALM. SHUT UP. THIS IS GOING TO BLOW UP IN THEIR FACES.

Much as I admire President Obama, I believe with something approaching certainty that his spending will bring this country to its knees. “Sustainability” is all the rage as a buzzword, but a $3.6 trillion budget is not “sustainable.” Doubling the national debt is not “sustainable.” Inaction in the face of $77 trillion in unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, entitlements) is not “sustainable.” This is math, not ideology.


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