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I think Donald Rumsfeld said that about the time our messy democracy was making a mess of Iraq. But then democracy is always messy when the incumbent and his mulahs steal the election. It tends to rile folks up. So “democracy” has to beat them back down. A word of advice, next time you steal an election, try not to make it look like a landslide. People in “democracies” are  dumb, but not that dumb.



  1. I have never been a big fan of democracy my self. I can’t seem to be able to separate it much from gang behavior. I mean if one gang has more members than another or if one gang has more guns than another isn’t that a “democracy”. Isn’t that the same a the majority of the citizens- even if violence is the equalizer.

    Of course that is why we are not a “democracy”. Yes, we have democratic elections but that is not where the wisdom lies. The wisdom lies in that we are (where)a nation of laws. The laws were fixed beforehand and those laws imperfectly understood that we are not exceptional (actually fallen). They divided power up and hoped for a messy constrained government.

    So we have spent years “freeing the world for democracy” and now we are finally bring democracy home. Good luck with that one.

  2. the difference IS an equalizer like violence

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