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We have seen the enemy and it is us. The New Republic explains why health care reform is unAmerican:

Two nations, the Netherlands and Switzerland, have health care systems that provide convenient, high-quality care to all citizens–for much less money than Americans pay now. And they do so exclusively through private insurance. If it were possible to re-create those systems here, the United States would be in good shape.

The problem is that it’s nearly impossible to re-create those systems, in which government regulation is far more aggressive than anything American policymakers are contemplating. Swiss insurers can’t even make profits from the basic benefits package; Dutch health care has heavy price controls. Both countries also have stronger traditions of social solidarity and corporate responsibility. The rules work, in part, because insurers feel duty-bound to follow them.

American insurers have no such tradition. On the contrary, the history of American health care is replete with examples of insurers–like all industries–trying to maximize their profits, often in ways that leave Americans without the financial protection or medical care that they need


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