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Dick Cheney has found a friend in the Obama Administration. Just as the current President decided to withold compromising photos of US torture, Obama is making sure the Cheney interview doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

In an afternoon U.S. District Court hearing in Washington, Judge Emmet Sullivan presided as Justice Department attorney Jeffrey Smith defended the government’s refusal to release the details of the Cheney interview. David Sobel, an attorney for the group suing for the documents, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, was there to argue in favor of disclosure. Here’s how it went:

Sullivan asked if President Barack Obama’s appointees stood by the Bush administration’s steadfast refusal to make the Cheney interview public, noting, “there’s a new administration.”

“This has been vetted by the leadership offices,” Smith said. “This is a department position.”


…“The government doesn’t want to have what’s in these documents end up on a late-night comedy show,” Sullivan said.

I guess a laugh riot might break out.


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