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I’ve figured it out. Sarah Palin’s resignation is starting to make sense. She is quitting to be the one thing for which she is qualified: a Barbie Doll. I mean that in the best possible way. Think of it. Libertarians and conservatives love Palin as a symbol. She never was really a public servant, a stateswoman or an ideological philospher, she was more of an action figure. They liked her personalized pro-life story. They liked her smaller government rhetoric. They liked her NRA Caribou Barbie fashion accessories and her rugged, Ken-doll hubby. All this and a lean, plasticized body that looks good in form-fitting couture. But pop off her head, and just like a Barbie doll, you can’t find a brain in that pretty plastic noggin. However, now with her newly found frontier plainsman moxie that cavalierly quits halfway through her first term as Governor of Alaska, she is the total libertarian package––a crowd-drawing, electable candidate who after they take the oath of office, then does the ultimate in anti-government governing. She quits.


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  1. Thats why I love her!! Just think of it someone in office that doesn’t try to fix everything. If only life could be as good as the dream.

    To really fix the world we need the brain. The type that can fill a swimming pool by taking water out of one end and putting it in the other end. The type that can save the auto industry by keeping overpriced and non-competitive union contracts and building cars no one wants. The type who can save the planet from warming.. I mean cooling…I mean… climate change by putting air in your tires. The type that can stir crowds… by his very the words on the TelePrompTer. Pop the head on this here Obamie Doll and you’ve got not just air, you’ve got brilliant messiah air.

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