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It didn’t take a 12K gold casket to tote off the remains of Sarah Palin’s political aspirations. Still at the peak of her game (Hockey), she moonwalked off the stage leaving an admiring right wing fringe reeling in grief. Never fear, nature abhores a vacuum. And the good Lord has provided someone equally unqualified, and almost as fetching, to carry on the torch. And this little gal can torch the socialist, fascist liberalsphere with as much cuteness and betcha-golly charm as  America’s favorite Hockey Mom. You’ll remember her as the dumb blonde with the squeaky voice from the mid 80’s SNL crew. Victoria Jackson. She’s dopey like Palin, only articulate:

I woke up in the middle of the night and realized the trick. You see, evil doesn’t just show up.  It disguises itself as something nice; so you’ll let it in.  It tricks you.

Murdering babies is called Pro-Choice.  Unfair Censorship is called The Fairness Doctrine.  Outlandish Taxes and the Death of Freedom is called Cap & Trade.  Sounds like Fish & Chips.  You gotta figure out the trick…

Social Security and Medicare are broke.  Baby boomers, like me, are getting old and will soon be asking for it.  Socialized medicine makes people die...Obama legally kills babies and now he can legally kill Grandmas!

Hitler did this.  He killed the weak, the sick, the old, and babies and races/religions he didn’t like.  Hitler also controlled the media.  (Where’s the public debate between scientists on “Climate Change/Global Warming?”)   Hitler had the VW bug invented as the state car. What will O’s nationalized car be? So… kill off the weak.  That’s the plan.  Tax the workers to death.  Erase the middle class.  Sounds like the evil governments we studied in high school long ago.  The evil governments were :  kings, oligarchies, facist, socialist, and communist.  Now it’s called the Obama Administration.

Obama is Hilter. Can this gal coin a catch phrase or what? The GOP is saved. Jackson 2012. Seriously.


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  1. The way to end any argument is to either call someone a “Hilter” or to accuse someone of calling you a “Hitler” or a “Hitler” supporter (by the way, I wonder what Hitler used to to end an argument).

    Hitler didn’t just fall out of the sky though. He rose to power during a time of very difficult economic times for Germany, there were a multitude of crisis’s that Germany faced, one party became dominate,the people rights were suspended, a great number of Germans thought that he would bring change and they treated him like a savior. Today, we have a great economy, we generally consider the whole world to be our friend, the people are content and happy with the status quo, the republicans can vote no on any bill , the Patriot Act keeps us safe and no politician gets special treatment as a “savior”. So there is no need to go around calling Bush or Obama “Hitler”. If there is one thing history tells us, we don’t need to worry about repeating history. History is always different, it is never exactly the same.

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