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Sarah Palin first appeared in the Anchorage Daily News in 1996, as a typical Alaskan Hockey Mom looking for chance to rub up against second-hand glamour and fame:

Sarah Palin, a commercial fisherman from Wasilla, told her husband on Tuesday she was driving to Anchorage to shop at Costco. Instead, she headed straight for Ivana. And there, at J.C. Penney’s cosmetic department, was Ivana, the former Mrs. Donald Trump, sitting at a table next to a photograph of herself. She wore a light-colored pantsuit and pink fingernail polish. Her blonde hair was coiffed in a bouffant French twist.

”We want to see Ivana,” said Palin, who admittedly smells like salmon for a large part of the summer, ”because we are so desperate in Alaska for any semblance of glamour and culture.”

Okay. Now it get it. Sarah Palin is not just a dim, vapid and bigotted drama queen. She is a glamour stalker.



  1. I am siting here in New York City tonight after a great day seeing the city. It is amazing seeing all the art and all the things that our culture has made. The achitecture is great. The creativity of the art and the brillance of the music. It is quite impressive.

    It is funny though how for all the acheivmnet of man, the millions of people in New York and the billions of people in the world can’t make even a blade of grass or the smallest ant. In the big picture our greatest achivements are quite small despite our ego being quite big.

    This all said because I would rather have an Ivana chasing, moose shooting, salmon smelling, hockey lipsticking mom as President who khew she is wasn’t God, than a climate changing, economy running, basketball shooting man who thinks he is.

  2. Not God. A goddess. All the conceit with none of the abilities. Peggy Noonan nailed it.

  3. That is the heart of the matter, you want a government with abilites and I want a government with as many disabilities as possile. Why not just hire Goldman Sachs to run the country if it is ability you want?

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