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Health care reform will not be obstructed by the Republicans. But there are plenty of Democrats that will do the job for them. This from David Sirota:

Here’s a truism: The wealthiest 1 percent have never had it so good.

According to government figures, 1-percenters’ share of America’s total income is the highest it’s been since 1929, and their tax rates are the lowest they’ve faced in two decades. Through bonuses, many 1-percenters will profit from the $23 trillion in bailout largesse the Treasury Department now says could be headed to financial firms. And, most of them benefit from IRS decisions to reduce millionaire audits and collect zero taxes from the majority of major corporations.

But what really makes the ultrawealthy so fortunate, what truly separates this moment from a run-of-the-mill Gilded Age, is the unprecedented protection the 1-percenters have bought for themselves on the most pressing issues.

To review: With 22,000 Americans dying each year because they lack health insurance, Congress is considering universal health care legislation financed by a surcharge on income above $280,000—that is, a levy almost exclusively on 1-percenters. This surtax would graze just 5 percent of small businesses and would recoup only part of the $700 billion the 1-percenters received from the Bush tax cuts. In fact, it is so minuscule, those making $1 million annually would pay just $9,000 more in taxes every year—or nine-tenths of 1 percent of their 12-month haul.

Nonetheless, the 1-percenters have deployed an army to destroy the initiative before it makes progress.

The foot soldiers are the Land Rover Liberals. These Democratic lawmakers secure their lefty labels by wearing pink-ribbon lapel pins and supporting good causes like abortion rights. However, being affluent and/or from affluent districts, they routinely drive their luxury cars over middle-class economic interests. Hence, this week’s letter from Boulder, Colo., dot-com tycoon Rep. Jared Polis, D, and other Land Rover Liberals calling for the surtax’s death.


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  1. If you really looked into the question you would be asking why so much money was concentrated in the top 1%. Why not start with the people that get money from government, the Haliburtons, the GM’s, the Citibanks, Chase, Goldman Sachs and on and on. Thats where the real money is concetrated and it is the colusion with government that makes it that way. You want government to fix the problem but where does the money come from to support the politicians and why do you think they spend money on the campaigns of the politicans.

    I am a free marketer all the way. Apple make a great product and they should be extrememly wealthy. Micosoft found a market and made a killing. They are not manipulaters of the government. In a free market the looters would be out of business right now but “Change” wouldn’t have that now would they.

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