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Yeah, but we have fabulous highways.


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  1. So lets define poverty here. Is it the WHO definition of less than $1.25 per day for extreme poverty (which is about 20% of Mexico and about 1.5 billion people in the world) or is it moderate poverty which is less than $2.00 per day (an even bigger part of Mexico and about 3 billion people wordwide). What you are talking about is “relative” poverty rate which is approximately 50% of the median household income. Not exactly “poverty” using the rest of the worlds standard.

    So first off, since the definition is based on a median, any improvement to the poverty level would also be an increase to the median level. So there is no way to improve the number. The govment as assured us that poverty will always be with us.

    Secondly, Texas has a large number of people who know what it is to be from “extreme” poverty. They are more than happy to leave extreme poverty to have our brand of poverty. If you look at the charts, “non-Hispanics” are above the national averages in Texas.

    Whats clear by really looking at the charts is that religious, economic and political freedom is the best predictor of the poverty rate in a country. So here is my prediction ours is headed up, while, Asians are headed down.

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