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When the Republican Party needs the conservative evangelical vote, they know just how to wind us up. All we like sheep…



  1. So government won’t be paying for abortions? and there won’t be any rationing of care for the old folks?

    Hmmm….?and who are the sheep? Baaaaa.rak, Baaaa..rak

  2. Rationing=Euthanasia.Taxation=Robbery. It’s the hamfisted art of calling a spade a sledge hammer. And of course, it is very effective. The truth never has quite the same force.

  3. Here is a perfect example of your man being the lion sold as a lamb:

    There has been a video clip on Drudge of your man Obama saying that he is really for a single payer system. So yesterday the White House went on the offensive and said the clip was “totally out of context ,blah..blah, pieced together hack job”. Then they added their our clips of Obama saying what they want him to say.

    What cracks me up about this is what it reveals about what the White House thinks refutation is. Suppose a clip surfaced in which Obama confessed to a particular crime. Would it be to the point to produce another clip in which he denied it? All the second clip will do is make people think, “Whoa. He is a criminal and a liar.”

    If the White House thinks the Drudge clip was “out of context,” then what they need to do is show that same clip in its fuller context. If that fuller context shows that Obama wasn’t arguing that point at all, then you have a refutation. Instead a lion statement is made to look like a lamb.

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