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Like my old grandma used to say, government can’t do anything right. Just look at this health care fiasco. Why, first those damn democrats give the old folks Medicare, now they want  to give us death panels to kill them off. Death panels that’s right. A panel of pointy-headed ivy league bureaucrats that will kill off every one over 65. The very people who they gave all of those government-sponsored Medicare benefits. Crazy, but true. Heard it on the radio. Government! Go figure!  Now, of course, they want to give the best USA health care in the world to the poor. Bunch of losers from Mexico, for the most part. Of course, these never-worked-a -day-in- their-lives “poor people”  will take the bait and next thing you know the government will be wanting to kill them too. But that’s government for ya! A bunch of pointy-headed socialists who want to give you health benefits so these can march you in front of that death squad or “panel” as they call it and mow you down. What ever happened to government that wanted us all working so they could tax us to death? Huh? Well, they have just found a faster way to kill us, by golly. A darn panel. But that’s government for ya. Like my old grandma used to say, government can’t do anything right. But, of course, she ain’t saying that anymore. Those darn Canadians euthanized her the day she turned 65. Of course, she had to wait 5 years before they could perform the procedure. But that’s government for ya.


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  1. Lets have a little review of the things that government does right:

    Social Security and Medicare:
    Provide financial assistance to the eldery by witholding money from current workers and placing it in a “trust” fund. The money is then taken out of the trust fund to pay-off the current elderly. The “trust” works well while there are more workers than elderly. There is a guy named Madoff who is now in prison for a similar scheme.

    Prescription drug program:
    Operates as above.

    Post Office:
    Since by law no one other than the post office can deliver mail, we won’t call it a monopoly because government protects us from monopoly (I remember that from school). The Post Office also create a bunch of jobs and we do need jobs. Now FedEX and UPS ship packages and Obama says that they do just fine, its the Post Office that has problems. So lets give the Post Office another few billion and raise postage rates so they can compete.

    Protecting the sanctity of contracts:
    Now this is one that the government has done a pretty good job doing, unless you are a bond holder of GM or Chrysler. Then they actually change your contract for you so they can save thousands of highly paid jobs and protect the pensions from those scoundrels who lent money thinking that they would get it back.

    They are really good about blowing things up and shooting.

    See it just goes to show you that “gov’ment” is just doing the peoples work. If it wasn’t for the “guv’ment” we would be still in the great depression, the Vietmanese, the Russians, the Iranians and Sadam Hussien woud be running the country.

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