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Meet Dr. Ezekial Emanuel. Other than having the most biblical-sounding name on the planet, he is today best known as Obamacare’s Angel of Death. He’s out to smite Granny, Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome baby and anyone with disabilities. Funny thing is he’s not. In fact, Doc Emanuel’s sister has cerebral palsy and he kinda likes having her around. Doc Emanuel has consequently been an outspoken critic of euthanasia and all things Orwellian for many years. Which, of course, is why he has been Christen the innovator of the Death Pannel by the anti-health reform crowd. After all, if you are going to lie, lie big.



  1. Do you research people the same way that you research the original thirteen colonies? That’s right it was in Time magazine and they said he was great. So nothing to worry about except he is a real nut job. Here is one of his papers;

    The left can make an argument that he is only talking about the harder issues like the scarcity in the free market of kidney transplants. I make the argument that in Obamacare all we will have is scarcity and therefore this standard will filter down to more and more procedures.

  2. I do realize and acknowledge that he has made strong arguments against euthanasia. I just find his findings on providing care when there is scarcity to be an equal problem.

  3. I wasn’t aware Sarah Palin was making an argument. And who said Obama was brilliant?

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