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Obamacare doesn’t just want to kill granny. They want to perform a sex change on her. No wonder we will have to wait three years to get treated for breast cancer and brain tumors! It is all starting to make sense. You see, in Obama’s Brave New World the hospitals will be run by homosexuals. I’m sure everything will look fa-a-a-bulous! But those people couldn’t organize an apendectomy if their Sunday Brunch Mimosas depended on it. For more information on the absolute terror that is health care reform, just go to


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  1. You want to ridicule the idea of a “death panel” going around and pulling the plug on grandmas everywhere. Thats not likely going to happen so it gives a sharp tongue fellow like your self a little fun. But the real problem with Obamacare is the “death panel” that doesn’t plug grandma in to begin with.

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