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Name-calling, fear-mongering, mean-spirited emotionalism and disinformation. That is how this  FOX News panel decry the recent health care debate. Only thing is they are describing the Democrats. And they do it with a straight face.



  1. How dare someone question the party of love. Repeat after me, Obama Loves You, Obama Loves You, Obama Loves You.

  2. I am not really interesected in “debating” tyranny, especially when ”debating” means that we should stand up and speak a few kind words against socialized tyranny, then we all sit down and be quiet, having said our piece, and let the show go on interrupted. Debate means we get to ask softball questions, but in the end we refrain from intervening in the actual process of moving forward the government’s agenda.

  3. I saw a couple of TV ads over the weekend. One of the big supporters of Obamacare is the Pharmaceutical Researcher and Manufactures of America. This presents me with two possibilitys:

    Big Pharma has seen the errors of its way and has been persuaded by Obama to stop the corporate greed and fall in line to reduce the cost of medicine.

    Big Pharma sees they will control the game and they will make a killing off of Obamacare.

    Huh! I wonder which one makes more sense.

  4. Of course the drug companies will make money on this. That is what is so funny in all this hysteria. Insurance companies will make money too. Everybody gets coverage. Everybody gets customers. Remind me again will this is socialism. I forget.

  5. Here is the problem with your statement:
    The real cost controller for Big Pharma is Little Pharma. You see if Big Pharma doesn’t produce the “Pharma” the market needs for the right price then a market opening happens for Little Pharma. So what would be the best way to increase the profits of Big Pharma, easy, get rid of little Pharma. Big Pharma loves regulations because they get to write them to get rid of the competition (watch out when a lobbyist agree with a bill). This will be the same for Big Insurance as it already is for Big Banking (note the number of small banks that have been closed, they were not too big to fail, its disgusting).

    One thing I do agree with you on. The current plans are not socialism. The real definition for the collusion for Big Government and Big Business is called “fascism”

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