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The networks either don’t listen very carefully or they are deliberately spinning their own narrative. My jaw dropped on Saturday evening as I watched every media outlet parrot the same story: “Obama abandons public option.” And yet, it was clear to me (and to them, I think) that he was doing no such thing. He was merely saying what I had heard him say for months. He believes in a public option, but the White House would not dictate that to congress. They would craft the bill. The public option would not be a deal breaker. Oh, but that doesn’t make for a compelling story. No, the story is Obama wants a public option. The GOP machine gets traction at town hall meetings. Obama loses momentum. The American public bails. Obama changes his tune. Fade to black. Roll the credits. Now why does the mainstream media want that to be the story? Because news is boring. And news is passe. What gets ratings is a compelling plotline. A story with a climax, a twist or two. Which brings me to where I am in complete agreement with the loyal FOX viewer. The mainstream media is not to be trusted.


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  1. We totally agree on this one. Nothing has changed including the death panels, delay-of-surgery panels, wait-till-next-fiscal-year panels, and we-don’t-think-you-really-need-that panels.

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