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After a week of wall-to-wall images of angry outbursts at town hall meetings, clearly the tide has turned. Americans are dead set against publicly-funded health care reform. At least that’s what the non-stop clips on the mainstream media would suggest. Just one problem, that ain’t what’s happening:

While television cameras have focused on vocal opponents to health care reform, in many cases they have been outnumbered by supporters of the legislation in general and a public option in particular.

You see, the liberal media really isn’t. They are all about ratings and selling ad space.  Even their Sunday morning talk shows that pensively scowl and question whether Obama might be losing his grasp of the narrative are totally disingenuous. They are the same people that report on Michael Jackson nonstop and wonder with long faces why the American public seem to have missed the week’s significant global events. So for the last time, the media isn’t monolithically liberal. They are monolithically douche bags. You know, like FOX News, just without the Confederate Flag on the hood of their El Camino.


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  1. You are clueless about what’s happening. Read the quote:

    In Boulder, Colorado, “a few hundred residents of one of the nation’s more liberal congressional districts turned out Monday night to tell their congressman, Democratic Rep. Jared Polis, to keep that public option,

    Thats like saying a Texas congressman had his district come out in support of guns. It doen’t mean that the rest of the country is in support.

    The areas to watch are the Blue Dogs. They see that they could easily be out of a job next time around. Don’t fret though the there will be some type of “non-reform” reform that will put us deeper in debt, handcuff the free market fixes and result in more government control. For a liberal, its just what the doctor ordered.

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