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That Darwinian missing link which connects man and monkey seems ever-elusive. But scientists have uncovered the latest set of old bones, that with the diligent help of cg artists can be covered with tell-tale fur so it can  look as chimplike as it does human. The funny thing about the latest  in our “scientific discoveries” is that it is looking more and more as though our ancestors weren’t the knuckle-dragging chimpanoids that the old evolutionary charts used to serve up. And I can’t help but observe that old “ardi” looks quite humanlike except for all the …umm…monkey hair that the artist renditions insist on adding. Is it just me or is this evolution thing starting to look like so much monkey business? Time Magazine explains:

The elusive common ancestor’s bones have never been found, but scientists, working from the evidence available — especially analyses of Australopithecus and modern African apes — envisioned Great-Great-Grandpa to have looked most nearly like a knuckle-walking, tree-swinging ape. But “[Ardi is] not chimplike,” according to White, which means that the last common ancestor probably wasn’t either. “This skeleton flips our understanding of human evolution,” says Kent State University anthropologist C. Owen Lovejoy, a member of the Middle Awash team. “It’s clear that humans are not merely a slight modification of chimps, despite their genomic similarity.”



  1. It’s not just you. This evolution thing is fragmenting into a confused and contradictory assortment of speculations that any self-respecting monkey would be embarrased to accept. Evolutionists claim to have been created by mindless, accidental processes … and perhaps they have a point here.

  2. Thats funny I have found Ardi(e) to be quite chimplike.. at least when the discussion is about economics and politics. Why even mention the name Sarah Palin and Ardi(e) turns into a raging chimpanzee.

    • Har. Har. Har.

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