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SNL opened this week’s show with their President Obama trying calm the American people down by explaining that his presidency has accomplished nothing. Andrew Sullivan also argues that Obama is actually a very conservative leader. His foreign policy is far less expansive than the neocon imperialism of  Bush. He is approaching Afghanistan with restraint and deliberation. And his proposed public option will provide coverage for a whopping 5% of the population. Hardly socialism.  By contrast, Sullivan sees people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as “populist radicals” who are simply hijacking the conservative movement for their fringe causes. Hard to argue with him there. So, you want a conservative in the White House? Congratulations, you just got your wish.


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  1. Actually that should read “At long last a neo-conservative President”. Sullivan is a neo-conservative. He is fine with government intervention in welfare and warfare so it wouldn’t be surprising for him to like Obama. What we will see from Obama is an increase in both warfare and welfare during his Presidency. My predictions remain for our new “conservative President”: falling dollar, greater troop levels abroad by 2012, massive economic troubles in the USA.

    Since you consider yourself a “cultural elite”, I guess anything that challenges your basic assumptions becomes a fringe cause. Spending your way into prosperity…an elite idea, cutting spending and saving… fringe populism, printing money out of thin air…an elite idea, requiring sound money…fringe populism, foreign entanglements…an elite idea, non-intervention…I wish that was fringe populism.

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