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Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert joins the garbled Bible thumping that is so popular among the Christian Right. Taxation=Stealing.

“Now, after someone dies and someone comes in and steals from them, we consider that in most society reprehensible. … But when the government comes in, because we have the power to pass laws and legalize theft that otherwise would be considered reprehensible, it’s okay. But it is not okay. … Jesus never advocated the government go steal. He said ‘you do it. Do it with your own money, don’t steal it from somebody else.’ And that is why this should not pass,” – Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), opposing a 45% tax on estates valued at more than $3.5 million ($7 million for a couple).

If only Jesus had addressed the topic of taxation. Oh, I forgot, he did.



  1. So lets run with this ball…

    Are you saying that the civil authorities are never capable of breaking God’s law of the prohibition of stealing? If Ahab had gotten Naboth’s vineyard from eminent domain, rezoning or a prohibitive tax then that would not have been stealing? Samuel informed Israel that having a king, like the other nations, might lead to the economic tyranny of being taxed ten percent (I Sam. 8:15-17). Joseph placed a levy of twenty percent on the residents of Egypt they were so happy to “find grace in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh’s servants.” (Gen.47:25)

    Now you think that Jesus addressed the topic of taxation. I would say that he addressed the topic of ownership. As a Christian, I pay my taxes because God tells me to, and not because Caesar tells me. Caesar is not in charge of the operation, God is. Caesar is put into the position of rewarding the righteous and punishing the evil doer. But what happens when Caesar punishes the righteous and awards stem cell research grants to the evil ones. At some point civil disobedience comes in, Gideon wasn’t thrashing his wheat in the winepress because the Midianite IRS told him to file there. We pay taxes, not because we are the useful idiots and dutiful serfs, but rather as free men in Christ who do not want to give unnecessary offense. The Gospel is more important than a bit of cash, the declaration of God’s kingdom is more important than a bit of cash and the refusal to render to Caesar what does not belong but bears the image of God (ourselves and our families) is certainly more important than a bit of cash.

  2. So we are in agreement that as Christians we are to pay our taxes. Taxes are not stealing. If we live in a democracy we are to vote the bums out, not because they are “stealing” but because we disagree with their policies. I am amused at politicians that call taxation stealing, reduce our taxes, fight for Medicare (which they were against) and complain of large deficits and unbalanced budgets. You can have lower taxes, bigger programs and balance budgets all at once. It is absurdity.

  3. Christians are to pay taxes and most taxes are “stealing”. Just because we have a democratic process doesn’t mean it is not stealing. Morals are not defined by whether you have a majority on your side. Stealing presumes private property rights. Stealing is taking something that doesn’t belong to you. The only way it is not stealing is if you presume that there is no private property right. In essence, the state owns all and allows you to keep what it doesn’t take.

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