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Monthly Archives: January 2010

There is a point of view out there that Obama needs to exhibit less of the Vulcan calm and more of the Benjamin Spock common sense:

It’s bad enough being an American citizen and watching the GOP’s brick-wall naysaying to every Obama proposal. But the frustration is even worse if you are also, or once were, the parent of a 3-year-old. Watching the president bend to the stubborn Republican child during the State of the Union Address by offering goodies like nuclear power and offshore drilling for oil, and treats like shifting the strategy for job creation from government stimulus to business, you wanted to throw your copy of Dr. Spock at the television screen.

Take Obama’s original proposals for health-care reform. Child-rearing equivalent? Broccoli. Most effective strategy? Chocolate cookie.

Take Obama’s original proposals for health-care reform. Child-rearing equivalent? Broccoli. Most effective strategy? Chocolate cookie. Now what do you do with this cookie? Mix it in with the broccoli? (i.e. weaken the public option into national exchanges?) No. Put it on the plate alongside the broccoli? (i.e. give each state the choice of rejecting a public option?) No. Offer it to your child as an appetizer after extracting his promise to consume the broccoli afterward? (i.e. commit $30 billion to continue the war in Afghanistan?) Nope. Do you suggest that tonight he have only chocolate cookies for dinner and tell him in no uncertain terms that tomorrow night he must eat all his broccoli? (i.e. abandon the public option, national exchanges, and a Medicare buy-in for people 55 and over?) Absolutely not.


Has Obama been neutered by the Massachusetts election? Not hardly. He is back with a vengeance. And although Obama is the first president since Carter to resist the tacky trotting out people props to underscore some policy goal, there was something vaguely Reaganesque about the speech. Son of Bill, Chris Buckley observes;

Tonight Mr. Obama proved—once again—that he hears the American music and can play it like a maestro. As well as Ronald Reagan. Both presidents had—have—have music in their souls. The other people in the room where I watched the speech were in tears by the end—the kind that stream down the face. I managed to hold those back. But I could not hold back my admiration at the performance, in particular of Mr. Obama’s deep humanity, as evinced by his profound, almost Lincolnesque humor. Oh dear, are tears streaming down my face, one way or the other?

He proved himself capable, too, of drama, as when he (figuratively) pointed a finger at the Supremes, sitting in their courtly robes directly in front of him, hands demurely folded, and accused them (in my opinion, unjustly, to say nothing of injudiciously) of allowing “foreign enemies” to influence our elections. I had been under the impression that it was called “free speech.” But never mind. It was an electrifying moment. Thank you, Mr. President.

If the Democratic health care agenda goes down in flames, we have nobody to blame but Ted Kennedy. Had he not checked out early, the Democrats would still hold a super majority. Or we could blame Mit Romney for signing into law such a progressive health care system for Massachusetts. I don’t blame the Mass electorate. They already pay plenty of taxes to support the liberal policies of their great state. Why foot the bill for the rest of the country? Think of this. If every state had a health care system like Mass, we wouldn’t need health care reform. But we don’t. A localized attempt to control health care costs is not a bad option. You just will never see it in most of our states. And you may never see it it nationally. All thanks to another dead Kennedy. Nice work, Teddy.

I am constantly amazed at the things that come out of Pat Robertson’s mouth. 9-11 was the result of homosexuals and the ACLU. Hurricane Katrina was the consequence of drugs, strip joints and too-spicy jambalaya. Now Haiti’s earthquake is the by product of some deal with the Devil. I am constantly amazed at what the man says and equally amazed at how the left-leaning pundits are so appalled at this man’s cause-effect analysis. It seems that what our insurance policies still call an act of God can never in good taste be attributed to anything approaching divine justice. To do so is so “mean” and compassionless. However, for a Buddhist to espouse Karma is still okay. Just not getting it.

A great many people voted for Obama simply because he was black. All of the people responsible for the appointment of Michael Steele did it because he was black. He was born out of crass cynicism. The same naive cynicism that put a woman on the McCain ticket. And clearly, Caribou Barbie got more traction than Mr. Steele. Now these GOP cynics want him gone. Me too. I don’t like the idea of any black man in national leadership until they produce a birth certificate. After all, this Steele guy looks a little foreign to me.

What a concept!

Really, Britt? You advise Tiger Woods to switch from Buddhism to Christianity and you have no come-to-Jesus altar calls for these Muslim nutwads that keep blowing up folks? If anybody needs to switch faith systems its them. Am I right? Or am I right?