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If the Democratic health care agenda goes down in flames, we have nobody to blame but Ted Kennedy. Had he not checked out early, the Democrats would still hold a super majority. Or we could blame Mit Romney for signing into law such a progressive health care system for Massachusetts. I don’t blame the Mass electorate. They already pay plenty of taxes to support the liberal policies of their great state. Why foot the bill for the rest of the country? Think of this. If every state had a health care system like Mass, we wouldn’t need health care reform. But we don’t. A localized attempt to control health care costs is not a bad option. You just will never see it in most of our states. And you may never see it it nationally. All thanks to another dead Kennedy. Nice work, Teddy.


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  1. What!, are you making some kind of constitutional argument for “localized..control”? Have the heavens opened and the sunbeams of logic fallen on my friend? Have you been reading the Constitution again?

    So here is a question… since Massachusetts has such great health care, why is there not millions of Americans moving to Massachusetts? High cost of living? Poor job market? Just can’t move?

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