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This soft on terrorism stuff is just not sticking. The GOP needs another drum to bang. This from Andrew Sullivan:

In a matter of months, both leaders of the Qaeda-allied Taliban in Pakistan have been targeted and killed by US drone attacks. The latest was in retaliation for the murder of CIA officials in a suicide attack by a double agent who turned on the US. If you add this record – and there are many examples of similar surgical strikes decapitating Qaeda figures in the last year – to the ramp-up of forces in Afghanistan and overhaul of strategy there, I think you can make a very solid case that in the war on Jihadist terrorism, Obama is proving far more effective – in both soft and hard power – than the Bush administration ever was.


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  1. According to the Brookings Institute, American drones dropped in Pakistan kill at least 10 times as many civilians as terrorists and/or Taliban (Pakistani and/or Afghan). This from the Nobel Peace prize winner? What happened to the anti-war left? Their anti-war rhetoric was only a sleazy way to gain political power. They are now happy to drop missiles, from some gameroom in Las Vegas, on innocent civilians on the other side of the world so they won’t be considered “soft on terrorism”.

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