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FOX News and right-wing political radio shock jocks like Mark Levin have created an isolation echo-chamber of a world where a Kenyan-born Marxist can successfully overthrow our democracy and replace it with a Nazi-like goosestepping police state were only illegal immigrants have a right to liberty and Greenpeace zealots can propagate a myth called global warming. Or something like that. Well, one right wing journalist wants to bring down this media lie-factory using social media. Care to join him?

I am a right-leaning journalist motivated by a desire for improved political discourse, a hatred of echo chambers, and contempt for right-wing entertainers who mislead rank-and-file conservatives, most of whom are well-meaning folks earnestly seeking civic engagement. Some of you are committed liberals or independents who aren’t much interested in the health of the conservative movement.But lying talk radio hosts hurt us all by debasing our democracy’s ongoing conversation. And until just a few years ago, the medium of radio would’ve made what I’m about to propose impossible. Who can better insulate themselves from inconvenient facts than broadcasters with a microphone in one hand, a team of screeners to vet calls, and one finger on a button that can cut the mic of anyone with a devastating rebuttal?

Happily, social media sites change everything.

Meet Mark Levin, the conservative entertainer in question. He is the bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny, a widely syndicated talk radio host, and a social networking dynamo: As I write this article, 92,324 people are fans of The Official Mark Levin Facebook Page, and 25,873 people follow @marklevinshow on Twitter. It isn’t possible to contact these people en masse, but many of them can be contacted individually and ethically, especially those whose choose to accept direct messages from strangers through their Facebook profiles.

I submit that talk radio listeners who engage in social networking would benefit if well-meaning strangers with exquisitely polite manners alerted them to persuasive evidence that they’re being misled.


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