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One of the chief ironies of the Gay agenda is its hellbent desire to “out” anyone who sets off their Gaydar. The latest victim is Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Apparently, she sets off all the bells. She has never been married, she is conspicuously chubby and has been known to enjoy the occasional cigar. This makes her a Lesbian? Au contraire. Monica Lewinsky, who is famously heterosexual, matches the same profile. Single, Rubenesque and has been known to enjoy the company of a good Cuban cigar (sort of). But what frosts me most about these Gay militants who want to push Kagan out of the closet is that they same people who support Roe v. Wade in its quest to protect a woman’s right to sexual privacy. So how about it? Leave this woman to her privacy. Whatever it is.


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  1. Looking forward to the return of “It’s Pat” on SNL. One thing for sure the Dems can pick some ugly women.

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