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Senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal doesn’t lie, he only misspeaks. He regrets misspeaking, but he does not regret lying because he didn’t lie. He misspoke. So when he said “I wore the uniform in Vietnam” he was not lying, he was simply misspeaking. He actually wore the uniform. No misspeaking there. And there really was a war in Vietnam. No misspeaking about that. The only misspoken word was a tiny two-letter preposition “in.” Had he intended to say that, that, of course, would be a premeditated out-and-out-lie. But he didn’t. He simply misspoke. Which brings us to the misspoken bit. Instead of “in” Vietnam, the candidate had meant to say “in the period of” or maybe “in the days of.” So really the “in” wasn’t even technically misspoken. In fact, if we look at the facts, Blumenthal neither lied nor misspoke. He simply left out a few critical, fact-changing words. If anything, the man unspoke. That’s right. A sin of omission. Like when Bill Clinton meant to say “I never had sex with that woman… I call Mother.” Or when Bush I meant to say,”Read my lips: No new taxes…at first.” Or when George Washington, the father of our country,  said “I cannot tell a lie…I can only occasionally misspeak.”


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  1. Well misspeaken or well spoken…or well whatever…

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