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He is everything that the GOP establishment hates: a smaller government guy who really wants smaller government. He’s everything that Michael Steele despises: a white southern politician who gets tangled up in the third rail of GOP politics: race. Republicans can’t allow a shoot-from-the-lip Doc Holiday in the big tent party sounding all racist and anti-war. They already have one of those: another guy named Paul. So if Rand Paul gets in a dust up with Rachel Meadows, throw him under the bus quick. This is the new GOP.


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  1. I was actually suprised that he really didn’t get thrown under the bus. Sure, they are standing on the curb with one hand on his back but all in all it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

    On the other hand, liberals love the libertarian anti-war republican until he might actually get elected. Thus is the same old jackass party.

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