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So who thought this was a good idea? Megan McArdle tries to make sense of it:

The best case was that Israel royally pissed off their one ally in the region by illegally boarding Turkish-flagged ship, forcing Turkey to abandon its basically friendly stance.  Of course, at the same time, they would have stopped the alarming flow of bandages and metal pipes into Gaza.  Yet it’s hard to see how this was ever going to be a win.

This morning a bunch of people are trying to defend Israel by saying that the protesters attacked first.  No, they didn’t.  Boarding someone’s ship in international waters is an attack.  To put it another way, how many of the people mounting this defense would criticize Israeli sailors if they attacked a bunch of armed Palestinians who were airdropping, one by one, onto their ship, after firing tear gas grenades in to soften them up?

I am really not a fan of the brand of militant activists who go looking for a fight, and many of these folks are all too ready to look for the mote in Israel’s eye while ignoring Hamas’ avid desire to kill Israeli civilians. But I’m afraid Israel brought this one on themselves.  The stupidity of it is simply staggering.


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