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Open on a post-apocalyptic world. We see an expanse of sea. Humanitarian flotillas are being attacked by Israeli soldiers. Wild-eyed pirates are commandeering merchant vessels willy nilly. A world gone mad. But that is not the worst of it. A greedy corporation run by a man with a faux-British accent pumps gallons of oil into the ocean killing everything in sight. Music cue. Only one man can change things. Cut to a rugged Orange County Republican with a boyish smile, a cigar and a leather vest. Super: WATERWORLD II. Announcer thunders: “Just when you thought it was unsafe to get back in the water.” That’s right! Costner can save the world yet again. He has a machine.

Costner said that over the years he has had a difficult time getting any interest in buying the machines. He said he performed for the Coast Guard, private companies, and the government, but no one was interested.

“My enthusiasm for the machine was met with apathy,” said Costner.

But in May, BP asked for 6 of Costner’s machines to be flown to the Gulf to be tested. And now BP has ordered 32 of the machines because they have an almost 100% success rate in separating oil from ocean water.


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