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So what is it about chain-of-command is it that McChrystal does not understand? Time Magazine already have the flags at half staff.

I suppose he will have to be sacked now. He is not irreplaceable. There are more than a few fine generals in the Army, including Lt. General David Rodriguez, a McChrystal deputy with vast experience in Afghanistan. But it is a terrible setback, a diversion from the business hand at a crucial moment in the conflict. And it is a real tragedy, because Stanley McChrystal is precisely the sort of man who should be leading American troops in battle.



  1. If I was Obama I would start a Habitat of Humanity house right away. It is one way for an incompetent president to get a modicum of respect.

  2. Au contraire. Obama has played this one like the rock star he is. He’s stuck to his exit date strategy, shown Gen. McWhiner the door and put in the unimpeachable Petraeus in his place. Everything you’d expect from a commander-in-chief. Resolve, strength and wisdom. Of course, I think the GOP may have a Presidential candidate with Stan McPistol.

  3. The first victim of war is truth.

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