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Robert Byrd goes down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest serving American Senator, but he will be best remembered for his prescient evaluation of an Iraqi invasion. Here are few excerpts from his speech on the House floor:

  • “The cost of occupying Iraq has been estimated to be between one and four Billion dollars a month!” … “That’s one to four dollars for every minute since Jesus Christ was born!” … “and these costs do not include the cost of rebuilding Iraq!”
  • “What if Saddam goes on the lam?” We could be tied up in Iraq for months hunting him down.
  • “It will be up to the US to support 23 million Iraqis” after we leave them without a functioning government.
  • There’s the cost of reconstructing Iraq. … “Building roads just to deliver humanitarian relief.” “Providing electricity for hospitals.” “Drinking water.” “Phones.” etc.
  • General Shinseki, “who refuses to back down on his estimate of three to five hundred thousand troops needed to secure Iraq. “Now there’s a man who doesn’t break & run!”
  • “Gen. Barry McCaffrey estimated the occupation would take five years.”
  • “We risk becoming the next Colonial Power to occupy Iraq. Those who greet us as ‘Liberators’ in 2003 may come to view us as ‘interlopers’ in 2004, 2005, 2006, and beyond.”


  1. Of course, Byrd, the former segragationist, would be most proud of the great strides liberals have made in integrating society

  2. Well, everybody knows that the Byrd is the word!

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