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Pundits on both the left andthe right are giving Mr. Gibson a public lashing that he may well deserve. What is amusing is how each group wants to exploit Gibson’s domestic violence as the logical conclusion of his philosophical moorings. In other words, Mel punched out his lady because that’s what Hollywood liberals do. Or Mel knocked her teeth out because he is a Catholic nutwad. Maybe Mel hit his woman because Mel is just a sinner like you and me, regardless of political or denominational affiliation. Maybe the wicked behave wickedly. Just maybe. This from The Atlantic.

Yes, the man who viewed John Paul II as too liberal is actually a lefty. But what we see in this dialogue is deeply revealing, it seems to me, about Gibson’s mindset and the fundamentalist psyche that is undergirding politics and culture the world over.

He is a deeply disturbed man whose “spirituality” is wrapped up in extreme violence and fascist imagery. What motivates him is clearly power – heterosexual white male power – imposed on others by raw violence or the threat of violence. He is a fascist in temperament – which is why racism and anti-Semitism and murderous hatred of gay people come naturally to him. And this is how he sees himself as a Christian.

Will we read any revisions to the encomiums to his disgusting attack on the Christianity of the Gospels in “The Passion”, his depiction of Jesus as a human being killed dozens of times by hook-nosed Jews as a literal expiation for the sins of humanity? Will the right wing now revisit its elevation of this deranged thug as a Christian exemplar?


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  1. Ohhhh boy. “Heterosexual white male power?” More like oversexed white male in denial.

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