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Andrew Breitbart sees himself as a civil rights leader, I suppose. He is fighting to free his people from oppression and discrimination. His people are those salt of the earth real Americans that compose the Tea Party. And their oppressor? The NAACP. That’s right. This racist organization is trying to keep his people down. Which he, for one, cannot understand. Having grown up in tony Brentwood, all the colored folks seemed happy in their place. OJ certainly was happy in his.  What is all this hate mongering racial hubbub about? And so Breitbart is using his right wing blog to remove the foot of those mean-spirited, bigoted NAACP nutwads from the necks of good white people.  It is a righteous cause. That is why he and his video editor have sliced and diced footage of Shirley Sherrod and Acorn workers to reveal them for the big government racists that they are. It is all to add more credibility to the good color-blind Tea Partyists. After all, righteous causes are allowed to cut corners. And videotape. Hear that Obama? Tear down all those big government, black-hiring programs and let my people go.


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