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A lot of people enjoy Glenn Beck because they “learn” from him. He “teaches” a lot of things in our country’s history that we never picked up in school. Take his treatise on the Washington Monument “scar.” The “scar” had something to do with the civil war. Only it didn’t. It had something to do with a lack of congressional funding and a radical anti-Catholic right wing group called the Know Nothings (sound familiar?). This from the New World Encyclopedia:

Construction continued until 1854, when donations ran out. The next year, Congress voted to appropriate $200,000 to continue the work but changed its mind before the money could be spent.

It was just one memorial stone that started the events that stopped the Congressional appropriation and ultimately construction altogether. In the early 1850s, Pope Pius IX contributed a block of marble. In March 1854, members of the anti-Catholic, nativist American Party—better known as the “Know-Nothings”—allegedly stole the Pope’s stone as a protest and threw it into the Potomac. Then, in order to make sure the monument fit their definition of “American,” the Know-Nothings conducted a fraudulent election so they could take over the entire society.

Congress immediately rescinded its $200,000 contribution. The Know-Nothings retained control of the society until 1858, adding 13 courses of the masonry to the Monument—all of which was of such poor quality it later was removed. Unable to collect enough money to finish work, they increasingly lost public support. The Know-Nothings eventually gave up and returned all records to the original society, but the halt in construction continued into and immediately after the Civil War. The bottom third of the monument is a slightly different color than the rest. When construction resumed after the Civil War, the builders were unable to find the same quarry stone used earlier.


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  1. He should have just stuck to the fact that there are 898 steps in the Washington Monument. Thats the important information that you learn is school.

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