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Barack Obama is not a bland personality. So how does he rate such a bland oval office? This is the power room of the most powerful man on the planet. So, beige? Seriously? This office should exude confidence and strength. Am I right? Believe me, Nancy Reagan would never let this happen to America’s royal family. And the furniture…eek! It looks like the mark-down section of Rooms To Go. Those plush sofas! The geometric lamps (They look conspicuously uncomfortable, like two men who inadvertantly walked into the ladies’ room). And that coffee table! I am positive that you pick that baby up at Rent-A-Center. My first apartment had more regal appointments. Just when I thought Obama couldn’t do anymore to alienate the far left, he does his. Snap!



  1. The way its looking he must have opted for the 30 month Rent-a-Center Plan. The design seems so “Palinesque”.

  2. Hmm…. wanna-be Euro-Prez seems to be going for an “IKEA” look.

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