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Obamacare has been overruled. At least, by one court. Here is the Daily Beast’s take on the 63-year-old conservative firebrand that made the ruling:

When his critics learned last summer that U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson of Richmond, Virginia, would hear a Republican lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health-care bill, many assumed the case’s outcome was a lock.

For reasons ideological and political, they predicted, Hudson would find a way to satisfy his longtime friends and supporters in the GOP and declare the bill unconstitutional. And that is exactly what the staunchly conservative 63-year-old judge did Monday, knocking down the bill’s keystone provision requiring tens of millions of Americans to obtain health insurance. Hudson said the requirement exceeded the regulatory powers given to Congress under the Constitution, a ruling that makes him the first judge in the country to invalidate any part of the law. Two other federal judges have upheld the legislation.

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  1. Two Easy Predictions :


    The health-care legislation will come before the Supreme Court in time. The Court will uphold the legislation. Why? (1) The Court doesn’t usually overturn major legislation of Congress. (2) It won’t go back to the original meaning of the commerce clause. It believes in a “living” Constitution. (3) To go back to the original meaning would repudiate the New Deal and whole blocs of U.S. Code including minimum wage laws, regulation of hours of work and more. (4) The sentiments of the population are not strongly enough against Obamacare to affect Court opinion. (5) The Court’s own majority bias favors such legislation.


    Health care will get more expensive, service will decrease and become more limited and quality will continue to slide. Why? Because health care is not a free market, in a free market the price would fall, the service would increase and be widely available, and the quality would continuously to go up. Just think of every thing that the government doesn’t regulate i.e. pencils, ball point pens, tape measures, lava rocks, lamp shades, piles of rocks, Scotch tape, underwear, etc. There is no pencil crisis, ball point pen crisis, tape measure crisis,…….

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