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No good deed goes unpunished. When people tried to connect the dots of the Tucson shooting back to over-the-top level of political vitriol, the conservatives yelled foul. When the President takes the high road, conservatives shout “Rockstar/Messiah!” When the Attorney General Holder speaks of separation of church and state, he  called an “infidel.” When he reads Scripture about the resurrected Christ he is called, a “pretender.” Really? Is there no pleasing you folks?  Some of the responses from right wing bloggers:

It’s a freaking campaign pep rally! What a crock! The who’s who of idiots! Nothing somber about this, just a bunch more redirect. God help us, this country is falling apart. Janet & Holder pretending to be Christians. Here comes the great POTUS, let’s see what this moron has to say. Oh the crowd loves him! This is sick. Here it comes….Wait for it. The libs can’t contan themselves in his presence. The pep rally continues. What a joke. Political theater. He going Christian again….Lier! Hurray! Hurray! God has come to speak to us. Plug that university! Ah BS as everything with Obummer!

Those Bible verses seemed more like a political plan than a message of solace.

Good thing there wasnt a cross on stage. Obama and the democrats would have covered it again, like he did when he was first elected. Remember?

If J-Nap and Holder had read those bible verses in a church there would have been a conflagration. They did deliver them well for having only read them once in their lives.


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