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The streets of Cairo are rejoicing. Mubarak is gone and a military junta is in control. Wow! You can’t get more democracy than that.  Wait, what? The Guardian chronicles Mubarak’s downfall:

Mubarak was suddenly facing an Egypt he no longer knew: an Egypt of nearly 85 million people with explosive untapped potential, all desperately in search of economic opportunity and increasingly demanding their civil rights; an Egypt where the literacy rate is still only 66% and a good education for the majority remains a fond dream; an Egypt where annual GDP per capita is a miserable $2,270 (compared with $26,256 in Israel and $35,165 in the UK).

In this Egypt millions still struggle below the poverty line, and a succession of governments of time-servers, corrupt politicians, businessmen, and technocrats have failed to lift up the masses while simultaneously increasing the wealth and privileges of the ruling elites.

Egypt under Mubarak, like other badly managed Arab countries led by autocratic rulers, simply failed to keep up. As the Chinese know, there is a trade-off between rulers and ruled: acceptance of a lack of political freedom in return for rising prosperity. Mubarak did not deliver on either front. And so, amid gunfire and blood and then celebration, they banished him, pharaoh-like, to the eternal political afterlife.LetL


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  1. Of course that begins with US foreign aid. As my buddy Ron Paul said today “Foreign aid is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries”. Mubarak makes off with 40 billion and all the Egyptians get is a t-shirt saying “My dictator went to Sharm el-Sheikh and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”

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