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Jon Huntsman dropped out of high school to play keyboard in a rock band, most recently he dropped out of being Obama’s ambassador to China. So how is he repaying his old boss? He is considering running against him as a Republican presidential candidate. The Daily Beast points out that history is not on his side. But hey, we can always use another Mormon in the race for president. After all, their holy book is now a hit musical. More:

Running against the boss has been rare in presidential history, and it hasn’t ended well. Think George McClellan against Abraham Lincoln, or Henry Wallace against Harry Truman. Now Jon Huntsman is preparing to give it a try.

Huntsman, 51, is about to make a lightning-fast transformation from President Obama’s employee to his potential rival. His resignation as U.S. ambassador to China takes effect Saturday. On Monday he will plunge into meetings with the advisers who, without his input, have been laying groundwork for a race for the Republican nomination. His travel schedule starts this week with a commencement speech (and possibly a debate appearance) in South Carolina, followed two weeks later by a commencement speech in New Hampshire.


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