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So while the right wing talk show jockeys are arguing that we got the drop on Bin Laden thanks to the miracle of water boarding, Andrew Sullivan‘s blog reveals a much different take on the matter:

Al-Libbi told interrogators that the courier would carry messages from bin Laden to the outside world only every two months or so. “I realized that bin Laden was not really running his organization. You can’t run an organization and have a courier who makes the rounds every two months,” Rodriguez says. “So I became convinced then that this was a person who was just a figurehead and was not calling the shots, the tactical shots, of the organization. So that was significant.”

And later that same year, the CIA shut down its dedicated hunt for OBL.

So the torture of Al-Libi led to the Bush administration’s abandonment of the hunt for bin Laden, a grotesque abdication of responsibility which president Obama rectified as soon as he became president. Why? because tortured information is often misleading – and led us away from finding OBL. The only other cases of torture in searching for bin Laden produced admitted lies about his couriers. And the use of torture, far from disabling terrorists, has, according to those in the front line, been the biggest source of Jihadist recruitment.

So, once again, the truth about torture: drowning men will tell you anything to stop the drowning. Usually, it’s a lie.


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