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Rick Perry’s rising star has stalled out. Is it because he faltered in the last debate? Is it because he had difficulty stringing his words together? Absolutely not! The Republican base is wary of slick talkers with a ready vocabulary. They prefer their presidents with hitches in their speech and tangles in their syntax. Is it because he comes off anti-science and dim-witted? Not at all. Again, the base likes their candidates with a healthy dose of skepticism of anything that comes out of a university or something called a “think tank.” No, the thing that torpedoed Perry’s ascent was his policies. Like other Republicans who once held progressive views about dealing with the problem of undocumented workers and illegals, Perry’s in-state tuition for brown-skinned residents with questionable origins is verboten. Perry is soft on illegals. And if he doesn’t reverse himself on this issue, like McCain before him, he is toast. For the fact of the matter is, the Republican base can’t stand a true maverick.


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  1. Perry is toast because he is the establishment pick and everyone knows it.
    Perry visits the Bilderberg group 2007

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