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Why do wealthy businessmen run for President? For one, it’s a free country. Two, running for high office ain’t free–it helps to have money and rich pals. Three, in a weak economy business sense is seen as a virtue. Four, voters love the idea of Washington outsiders and political outsiders are better yet. But finally, and most important, rich dudes have ginormous egos. They think they can do anything. Many also crave attention (this is what they share with most people who run for the office). Which brings us to Herman Cain. What moron runs for office after cutting off a 13-year affair? Well, remember the giant ego and the “hey-look-at-me” syndrome. Of course, maybe the guy is innocent. Maybe he just loves paying white chicks hush money. And maybe, Jerry Sandusky is just a sucker for “horse play.” So we await today’s decision. Will he push ahead? Or will he think of his wife and family and withdraw? Not sure. But one thing is sure. Thinking or his wife and family is not the man’s strong suit. I’m just sayin’.


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