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A few days ago someone was complaining to me about something stupid candidate Rick Santorum had said about poverty. He said he had a two-part plan that would eliminate poverty for good: 1) Finish High School 2) Get Married. Now, such a policy would be impossible to implement, impossible to enforce and naive at best. Although, there is clearly a grain of truth to it. However, I explained to my friend, it was the perfect policy to lure Iowan values voters. Tax-free. And it did. Sure, there are other reasons that Santorum surged forward in Iowa, coming within 8 votes to victory. Santorum has been stalwartly opposing gay marriage. So much so, gay activists have given the word Santorum its own Wikipedia entry.  You don’t see that happening to Bachman or Perry. This guy puts a target on his back and takes it up the bum for the cause. So Perry has gone back to Texas to pray things over and Bachman is going to get another botox treatment. For the time being, Santorum is the reigning “true conservative.”


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  1. Yep, a voice in the wilderness.

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