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Pundits couldn’t explain it. How could the Obama administration get this contraception thing so wrong? Particularly, in an election year? He was giving the Republicans all the ammunition they needed to label him as an anti-faith secularist. Right? Then he reverses himself with a Solomon-like compromise that slices this tar baby neatly in half. A miscalculation? Oh, ye of little faith. This thing is political genius. While Obama’s opponents gobbled down the bait, he comes out of this thing looking like the most moderate and non-doctrinaire of Democrats. In a political year, this is re-election gold! Obama the reasonable. Long may he reign!



  1. What? How on earth do you see this as reasonable or moderate?

    It may have been politically “crafty,” however no one with an ounce of sense will have any trouble seeing this as a rearrangement of the deck chairs on the sinking ship “Contraception.”

    Bill Donahue with the Catholic League was incensed at Obama for not listening to Catholics and further trying to force this down their throats.

    I’m afraid the outrage by Catholics is anything but over, and Obama will continue to lose Catholic votes.

    Meanwhile, everyone can see the growing encroachment of Obamacare on individual and religious freedoms.

  2. Actually, I think it only seems like an encroachment on religious liberty to those that always have viewed it as that. What it says to me is nothing is written in stone. When government moves to far, it self-corrects. That is a message that resonates with the independents that will pick the next president.

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