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Guess who is going to carry Michigan in November.



  1. Yeah, if he’s able to get away with lies like that then he just might. This is why I kind of like the British system where their Prime Minister doesn’t just get to say whatever he wants and not be contested. He has to face members of Parliament one on one and defend his position. Here, a President can lie all he wants, and if he’s liberal, he’ll get the help of his friends in the press to get away with it.

    What might trip him up is if Santorum or even (much) better, Newt gets the GOP nod. In that case he’ll be called to the table for this kind of stuff and have to defend himself. I guess Romney could call him to the table too, but just not as effectively.

    Do you read these comments I make?

  2. 🙂

  3. Now, here’s another plus of the British system….it’s highly unlikely that a President with poor speaking and debating skills (I won’t name names..) would run for President.

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