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It seems to be the question of the day. Was Rush Limbaugh “sincere” in his public apology to a young lady that he had called a “slut” for her advocacy of contraception?  That’s a fair question. So let’s ponder it.  It doesn’t strike me as unlikely that someone whose job it is to run his mouth off for several hours a day would have his share of regrets. It also seems very likely that even a self-impressed windbag like Rush Limbaugh is capable of such a feeling as remorse. But what is clearest to people of all political stripes, I believe, is that when a steady stream of sponsors pull their ads from your program we can all manufacture expressions of repentance that are quite compelling. And maybe, just maybe, that counts as heartfelt sincerity.



  1. Well this assumption would make sense if 1) Rush had apologized for offending people in the past when sponsors had left and 2) Rush didnt have advertisers begging for as space.

  2. “ad” space, that is.

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