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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Washington Correspondent’s dinner is always fun. Last year, Seth Meyers knocked it our of the park. But some years the guest comic miscalculates. Take the year Colbert tried to do his right wing pundit shtick with Dubya. The audience grimaced as often as they tittered. Awkward! This year was another miss. Late night entertainer Jimmy Kimmel had more than his share of misfires. Not so much because he took on the Prez, but more that his gag writers paled in comparison to Obama’s joke writers. Honestly some of the jokes where at a kindergarten level. “Mitt or get off the pot”? Lame! Let that be a warning to future comic hosts. Don’t underestimate the President’s set. After all, last year Barack was simultaneously punching up his monologue while helping take out Bin Laden. This guy is good!


From the Daily Beast:

To explain just how well he thinks President Obama handles foreign relations, VP Joe Biden referenced Theodore Roosevelt’s classic “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” In attacking Mitt Romney’s foreign-policy approach, Biden said, “I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

Wow, Joe. Talk about your racial stereotype!

Newt gives up the ghost:

CRAMERTON, N.C.–Newt Gingrich on Wednesday unofficially conceded the Republican presidential race to Mitt Romney, calling on conservatives to unite behind the presumptive nominee.

After Romney’s clean sweep of all five primaries on Tuesday–including Delaware, where Gingrich had staked the remainder of his tattered campaign–the former House speaker said in a speech to the Gaston County GOP that “it’s pretty clear Governor Romney is going to be the nominee.”

“I think you have to at some point be honest with what’s happening in the real world, as opposed to what you’d like to have happened,” Gingrich said. “Governor Romney had a very good day yesterday. He got 67 [percent] in one state, and he got 63 in other, 62 in another. Now you have to give him some credit. I mean this guy’s worked six years, put together a big machine, and has put together a serious campaign.

“I think obviously that I would be a better candidate, but the objective fact is the voters didn’t think that,” Gingrich said. “And I also think it’s very, very important that we be unified.”

Rick Santorum has finally come to the conclusion that he isn’t going to be the GOP nominee. Which is good news. At least this way, he is less likely to carry Texas.