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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The conservatives are about tax cuts and smaller government. You got that half right. They are all about tax cuts. Especially for the wealthier set. But they have a record of increasing spending and growing government. Even though Romney characterizes Obama as a spend thrift, the chart above paints a different picture. Note that the accounting numbers credit Dubya with the bail out money and the 2009 stimulus. You might quibble with that  analysis. But even if you lump the stimulus in the Obama column, the pattern is the same. Republican administrations are big spenders who grow the size of government when given the chance.



Vice President Joe Biden has no problem with gay marriage, which is fine, until he blurts it out on a national news show. But then again Joe Biden is not the best at editing himself. He says what he means. And then he says those things he doesn’t mean. I think Biden even cringes at the things that usher out of his mouth. Over the years, he has described his boss as articulate, bright, clean, possessing a very big stick. This guy has single-handedly  allowed Daily Show writers to knock off early. He can be that funny. But a recent New York Times article also shares some of Joe’s undoubted strengths.

The president has come to appreciate Mr. Biden’s loyalty, tested over a whiplashing term, and has deployed him as a designated contrarian in debates. “There’s, I think, an institutional barrier sometimes to truth-telling in front of the president,” Mr. Obama said in a 2009 interview with The New York Times. “Joe, in that sense, can help stir the pot.”

Mr. Obama has also relied on his deputy for his political skills and complementary strengths. Mr. Obama might have “overestimated his own ability to engineer his own charm offensive, especially on the Hill,” said a former White House aide who asked not to be named while characterizing the president’s mind-set.

“The vice president is proof that to some degree the path to the new school goes through the old school,” said Jared Bernstein, a former top economic adviser to Mr. Biden. He refers to Mr. Biden as “an ambassador back to an earlier form of politics where relationship-building plays a key role.”

Conservatives refer to Obama’s view of government as the Nanny State. Well, it’s hard to call it anything else when we follow fictitious Julia at the Obama-Biden website. Cradle-to-grave care. Sweet!


New Obama re-election commercial contrasts the President and GOP rival Romney on the importance of getting bin Laden. Pretty powerful stuff.