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The conservatives are about tax cuts and smaller government. You got that half right. They are all about tax cuts. Especially for the wealthier set. But they have a record of increasing spending and growing government. Even though Romney characterizes Obama as a spend thrift, the chart above paints a different picture. Note that the accounting numbers credit Dubya with the bail out money and the 2009 stimulus. You might quibble with that  analysis. But even if you lump the stimulus in the Obama column, the pattern is the same. Republican administrations are big spenders who grow the size of government when given the chance.



  1. Well that’s an interesting analysis, but totally misleading. The numbers above would be of some insight if every republican administration came with a super majority republican congress and every democrat administration came with a super majority democrat administration. However, that’s not the case. Congress, and not the President, holds the purse strings. That isn’t to say that the President doesn’t influence spending, but a President with an opposition congress in control is limited in his influence. For instance, the Clinton administration would have blown the roof off in spending if it wasn’t for Newt Gingrich and the Republican revolution.

    The other flaw in this analysis is that it is measuring spending by a percentage increase. So, Bush 43 made an enormous, unheard of spend at the end of his administration that risked the existence of the Republic and then Obama *continued* to match that spend and even up the anti!

    And….then you have to take into consideration the *kind* of spending and why it was spent. Most every democrat administration guts our national defense to have more money to buy votes from their constituents. That leaves the next Republican administration with the responsibility to be the adult and build the national defense back up.

  2. Granted, congress plays a significant role but the Republicans have traditionally slashed social programs and expanded our defense programs. The Clinton Administration would have implemented healthcare reform without the faithful opposition but they were very committed to a balanced budget and welfare reform. The difference is Clinton, like Bush 1, raised taxes to be more fiscally responsible. Clinton is not a true liberal, just as Dubya is not a fiscal conservative. The fact is, spending went up when the Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. Spending has flattened out over the past three and a half years.

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